Who we are

Is your business generating the growth and profits you know it can? Do you want to take it to the next level? Or maybe take advantage of a new opportunity?

If so…the big question is, if you don’t have the expertise you need on your staff or simply don’t have the resources available, what’s the best way to accomplish what needs to be done, as soon as possible, so you can quickly realize the results you’re looking for?

We can be your solution.

Harden & Associates has deep and broad experience in successfully leading businesses of all sizes and types, and has a “bottom line” appreciation of the challenges and opportunities facing managers and owners that comes only from living it first hand.

We address all critical areas that your customers come in contact with – including marketing, sales, operations, and technology – then we work with your team all the way through implementation to improve performance in each area and get you consistent, predictable results.

You’ll find out what really matters to the people who buy your product or service, so you’ll implement improvements customers truly value.

We’ll give you fresh, unbiased ideas that work, and create a strategy and plan that gets you results in the most efficient and effective way.  Then we’ll help you clearly communicate your advantages in ways that your prospects will actually listen.

Would being able to address these issues now make a bigger impact on your bottom line?  When added up, even small improvements in each area can generate eye-popping results – like an increase in profits of more than 50%.

And the results, of course, all drop right to your bottom line.

If any of these topics are on your mind, we should talk.  It’ll take just 15 minutes on the phone to learn more, and answer any questions you might have.  You’ll be glad you did…

In the meantime, we hope you’ll check out our testimonials to see what our clients have to say.

We look forward to talking with you soon!