What our clients say

CEO of a  Consultative Services Firm:

“Barbara brought us both stability and the aspiration to insist on systems to support growth and our transformation to a consultative services firm.   She brought us world-class experience and expertise.  We all agree that she should be immortalized here for her role in ending our dependency on an outdated operating system; she has also enabled us to ‘step up’ to a level of savvy in our planning process and our operational oversight, and we will benefit from her contributions here for a long, long time.

President of a Technology Company:

“Harden was extremely helpful in solidifying our go-to-market strategy and validating and challenging some assumptions that we made about our clients and the market at large.  From this, our messaging was adjusted to ensure that we were maximizing our touch points with our prospective customer base.  I think you’ve set a great strategy in place – now we just need to execute on it!  I certainly appreciate your help in making the transition a smooth one as well as your offer for additional help down the road.  We will certainly call on you.”

Partner in a Professional Services Agency:

“We accomplished more in one year working with Harden than we could have accomplished in seven years – if ever – by ourselves.”

Chairman of a Multi-company Holding Company:

“Working with Harden has been very valuable. You quickly understood our business, so we didn’t have to keep explaining everything.  You helped us get focused with a simple, targeted message — to be something, and to stand for something.  You guided us, and put structure around us. You forced us to be strategic, and yet do some “blue sky” thinking as well.  We now have a clear understanding of who we are, who we should focus on, and how we are going to accomplish it all.  The switch in how we are delivering our message was critical for us, and everyone we have talked with has been aware of it — very effective.”

President, Design and Branding Firm:

“The Discovery Sessions were amazing – the questions, the brainstorming, pushing us to be our best.  The implementation was hard work.  But thanks so much for all your hard work and help especially with our CRM/ERP implementation.  Your hard work made this happen.  And thank you so much for all your patience.  There is no way we could have done this without you.  We are so excited to be LIVE!  Our company is going to run so smooth now that we have this system.  Thanks again!!!”

CFO of a National Financial Services Company

“As a result of the technology analysis your team performed, you provided us the important information we needed to help us make critical changes to our contract renewal and provided us with an additional qualified option.  We would recommend Harden to other colleagues and businesses in need of a technology refresh, or analysis to help them take their technology to the next level.”

CEO of Merchandiser:

“Based on our results to date, we really feel like we are doing the right things.  We feel very good about our strategy, and about its execution.  For my own part, I feel really good that we are being proactive in determining our destiny as opposed to sitting back and waiting to see what comes our way.  I am energized!”

President of Real Estate Investment Services Company:

“We are a very tough group to work with, and you are the only one in 39 years to break through!  I would call that a success!”

CEO of a Services Company:

“I want to thank you for the session we had today.  As with all good things, I realized we are getting a lot more than a sales and marketing process. Your experience, insight and intelligence is assisting us in establishing a common direction to charge forward.”

Managing Director of an Engineering Services Firm:

“Your recommendations were on the mark, and I thought you provided a great roadmap for our success.  I also feel that great value came from the customer interviews and the actual taping of them. That really allowed us to listen to them and understand and hear the honest feedback.  I thought you did a great job in shepherding us through your entire process and scheduling follow-up meetings.  You really kept it moving and that was very valuable.  Without you we would simply not have accomplished what we did.  It was great working with you!”

President of a Payroll Services Company:

“We are absolutely delighted that we chose to work with you! We got help in every area where we needed help — and so much more.  Your recommendations were comprehensive, you were accessible, and you created great value.  We could have tried to do things ourselves, but would never have gotten as much done, with so much quality, or as fast.”

President of a Technology Company:

“You have been great to work with!  You delivered what you said, have followed up well, and executed with a difficult customer.”

President of a Mortgage Company:

“With your guidance and support, I feel we have created a powerful message and built a unique company.”

Director of New Business Development, Market Research Firm:

“I wanted to send you a note and let you know that I made my first sale after our time together.  Wahoo!  $80,000…not too bad for the first one!  Now I need to get back to work and do it again…and again…and again!  Thank you so much for all your help.  Much of my success was due to your help and support. I put your techniques to work and they paid off!  Thank you!  Thank you!”

COO of Merchandiser:

“You without question want to talk to Harden before you do anything.”

CEO, and CMO of a Highly Regarded Commercial Printer:

“The project exceeded our expectations!  Very professional and personable. OVER THE TOP communications to maintain clarity and achieve our objectives — clear objectives, deliverables, and timelines kept us “charging toward the goal.” Great job of gaining consensus and including all stakeholders.”

Chair of a Non-Profit:

Thank you for your support during our planning process. What a God send you were!  Your plan and strategies were critical to our having such a great turnout. Your positive attitude and encouragement were critical early when things didn’t quite seem to be falling into place.  But they did!  And we would not have been so successful if it were not for your expertise!

President of Professional Services Company:

“You have added real value in both quantitative and qualitative ways that exceeded my expectations in all ways.

President of Manufacturing Start-up:

“Your discipline and respect for our budget management without letting it put unhealthy pressure on quality and creativity must rank as your primary achievement.

Regional President of Financial Services Company:

“You have been the key to our moving ahead on our new business initiatives!”

President of Privately Held Business:

“The delicate task of counseling owners is one you have handled masterfully.”

Director of Human Resources:

“I want you to know how very much I appreciate all that you have done for us; pushing us to stretch, being a great coach, and friend.”

Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Technology Company:

“Your skills have enabled us to identify revenue growth opportunities, qualify existing business relationships, and manage new business initiatives effectively.”

Director of Marketing of National Computer Company:

“You never failed to impress me with your ability to organize what we thought were major problems into manageable proportions with workable solutions.”

President of Service Company:

“I really appreciate your creative ideas and enthusiastic attitude!  I will highly recommend you to any business serious about wanting to promote and market their services.  It has been a pleasure to work with such a professional.”

Vice President of Marketing and Sales of National Education Company:

“You demonstrated your knowledge of our business, and your analysis and recommendations helped our senior management team make several critical decisions about our business.”