Powering success.

How we do it: Integrated and comprehensive

At Harden & Associates, we have a unique blend of marketing and practical business experience from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.  We understand the nuances of running a business, and how to implement a successful program throughout your organization. We work collaboratively with your team at all levels to get the best solution for your organization.

Having run businesses and business units, we understand, appreciate and respect the skill and effort it takes to build a successful business. Too often marketing and sales consultants don’t understand how a business is run and have a difficult time recognizing the opportunities present in an organization, while at the same time respecting its limitations. Our goal is to leverage what you and your team have already worked hard to develop.

Our approach is to see your business through the eyes of your team from management through all customer touch points and, most important, through the eyes of your customers and prospects. Through comprehensive sessions and interviews, a picture begins to form as to what represents the greatest opportunities to differentiate your business in ways that are meaningful to those who buy your product or service.  In other words, in ways that will increase revenue and profits, not just operating expenses.

As key messages are created that tell your story in a compelling and believable way, the most effective way of delivering that message is identified.  Not being married to any one delivery method or vehicle we are open to alternative methods and, along with a little creativity, most often saves our clients a considerable amount of their budget as their messages are delivered in ways their target audience is actually most receptive to receiving it.

Most good plans that fail do so from a lack of proper execution.  We are different in that we actually know how to implement your plan right down to its smallest details – where most typical advisors have never traveled.  We roll up our sleeves and work with your team, or lead the entire process (check out our testimonials).  Either way, we stick with you until you have the results you are looking for and deserve.  In other words, we will get you better results faster and, ultimately, at a lower cost than trying to get the job done using current staff that usually lacks the time and often the skill sets required.

A comprehensive program like ours requires the knowledge and discipline that makes the difference between just making your plan, and getting the kind of results that are possible. At Harden, we work with you to determine what outcomes should be, and we tell you exactly how we will get the job done. During the actual process you will be kept informed, so you will always feel comfortable that your investment is working for you in ways that will pay big dividends. In the end, you will feel that your investment with Harden has given you one of the highest returns on any investment you have ever made.